New book examines how 'masters of self-marketing' became famous

News Team, 23/12/2021

Historian and sociologist Dr Rainer Zitelmann has written a new book - How People Become Famous: Geniuses of Self-Marketing from Albert Einstein to Kim Kardashian - which explores how the 12 celebrities profiled in the book have propelled themselves to fame through self-marketing rather than focusing on financial success.

Author of The Wealth Elite, Dr Zitelmann’s book looks at the importance of understanding the art of self-promotion to achieve maximum exposure, profiling celebrities from politics, sport, fashion, show business, finance and science.

“Entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and even regular employees have to be able to sell themselves. It’s just not enough to be good in your field.” said Dr Zitelmann.

“The individuals mentioned in the book knew exactly why and what they were doing to achieve their goals and become famous. Modesty did not factor into their game plan.”

Dr Zitelmann stated that one of the keys to becoming famous is being self-disciplined as“without exception, the celebrities portrayed in his book were not good at obeying others, nor did they want to be. But they were very good at obeying themselves.” 

He pointed out that the public is less shocked by provocative behaviour than it once was so it is more difficult to be a rebel today, however, “the geniuses of self-marketing will find a way to be noticed.”

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