About Us

Dedicated to serve both investors and fund companies, fundeye.com aims at becoming the preferred publication platform for market professionals.

Our publication and dissemination platform allows you to:

  • accurately target and distribute your right data and documents, to the right audience at the right time
  • significantly increase your digital visibility by advertising and promoting your funds on our platform
  • rigorously fulfil your legal obligations in order to comply with the Swiss law

Our Business Model is designed to assure you with high-quality standards, by collecting data directly from source, and to maintain your publication costs at the lowest possible level.

fund-services.com – fundeye.com is Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA recognized and in the EU is Belgium Financial Services and Markets Authority FSMA recognized since 2017. fundeye.com is a brand managed by fund-services.com Limited. Founded in 2016 fund-services.com Limited is a Swiss technology company owned by Carnegie Fund Services Limited, a leader in fund representation and distribution of investment funds.