Canada sees more money flowing into ETFs than last year

News Team, 22/05/2020

Exchange traded funds (ETF) listed in Canada gathered inflows of $455 million in April bringing year-to-date inflows to $12.57 billion. This is significantly more than the $4.5 billion gathered at the same point last year.

The information comes from ETF consultancy ETFGI, which added that the total Canadian ETF assets of $146.39 billion are the fifth highest on record.

Unlike other markets such as Europe where investors were fleeing equity products, during April equity ETFs enjoyed net inflows of $243 million while fixed income ETFs saw outflows of $400 million.

At the end of April 2020, the Canadian ETF industry had 785 ETFs, with 951 listings, from 40 providers on 2 exchanges according to ETFGI's April 2020 Canada ETFs and ETPs industry landscape insights report,

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