Lombard International Assurance partners with Accenture

News Team, 16/09/2020

Lombard International Assurance has a pan-European analysis of unit-linked life insurance, also known as wealth assurance, in partnership with Accenture.

Wealth assurance solutions are increasingly being used by wealth and succession planning professionals across Europe due to their unique set of benefits which include flexibility, portability, asset diversification and protection.

Lombard International Assurance is inviting wealth management professionals to contribute anonymously to this review. These include private bankers, independent wealth and financial advisers, insurance brokers, family offices, asset managers and tax lawyers serving the needs of high net worth clients and families. The survey aims to collect and analyse their insights, to provide a comprehensive landscape analysis of how insurance-based wealth planning solutions are perceived, used and considered across Europe, now and in the future.

The survey will cover professionals based in the UK, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

A summarized report of the results and key findings will be released in Q4 2020.

Jurgen Vanhoenacker, Executive Director, Sales and Wealth Structuring, Lombard International Assurance, said: ‘We are excited to be partnering with Accenture to launch this first of its kind analysis of the market. Unit-linked life insurance is an increasingly recognised wealth and succession planning tool, and, as the European leader, we are keen to understand the thoughts, views and perceptions of professional advisers.

“The results of this survey will help the wider industry better serve the needs of partners and their clients to ensure we continue to innovate and support clients to protect, preserve and pass on their wealth and legacy to future generations. It will be particularly interesting to examine these results in the context of the recent Covid-19 pandemic and how that will shape the future of transacting business across Europe.”

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