Boutiques continue to top SharingAlpha’s fund provider table

News Team, 10/11/2021

As Fundtruffle hones in on boutique asset managers, so it seems are the top fund selectors, according to SharingAlpha, the fund and provider ranking business.

According to its latest results, the top three fund providers are Nutshell, Lonvia, and Value Partners, each firm a boutique who have held the top positions for consecutive months.

Nutshell is a London-based boutique offering its clients high conviction global equity strategies, Paris headquartered Lonvia Capital was launched by highly rated Cyrille Carriere in 2020 while Value Partners is a Hong Kong-based firm with around $11 billion in AUM.

The sea change is clear to see, for those discerning professional fund buyers, the products offered by the large listed incumbents may no longer be cutting the mustard, one of the reasons why Fundtruffle is focusing on this oft overlooked part of the market.

Alongside the fund providers keeping their top places, once again Dutch asset manager Robeco’s Global Consumer Trends fund topped to the product ranking but boutiques are also well represented in this group. Both Lonvia’s Avenir Mid-Cap Europe and Seilern’s World Growth Fund make the top five. Read more about the latter firm here.

As readers of Fundtruffle have learned, SharingAlpha is an investment platform where professionals in the asset management industry such as fund selectors choose products and providers, building up a reputation and a greater weighting for successful choices.

To record its ratings for its reports, SharingAlpha utilises three parameters on which the overall rating is determined:

  • People - the experience and competitive edge of the fund manager and their team
  • Price - the cost of the fund
  • Portfolio - the way the strategy is run in terms of risk management

The investment platform then calculates the average ratings assigned by its users to each fund, providing a score out of five. SharingAlpha only includes ratings from users that are identified as professional fund buyers. Consequently, the results do not include ratings coming from users that are, for example, non-financial industry members or fund providers.

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