Foresight launches Sustainable Future Themes Fund

News Team, 28/03/2022

Foresight Capital Management today launched the FP Foresight Sustainable Future Themes Fund.

The fund will invest in a global portfolio of 20-40 scalable listed companies that meet the firm’s stringent sustainability criteria for positive environmental and/or social impact, and targets capital growth over a five-year period. The Fund will be available to all UK-based retail and institutional investors.

The product addresses the climate imperative and the need for global social development by identifying and providing capital to companies at the core of sustainable development across five sustainable future themes.:

  • Sustainable Energy: companies actively contributing to global decarbonisation through sustainable energy generation, storage and usage;
  • Sustainable Food, Land and Forestry: companies involved in the sustainable production of food, use of land, agriculture or forestry and those focused on the protection of biodiversity;
  • Waste, Water and the Circular Economy: companies that are actively involved in delivering sustainable water and waste solutions and companies that meaningfully contribute to sustainable resource management;
  • Health and Education: companies that own assets or provide services that contribute towards the delivery of sustainable, high-quality and inclusive healthcare and education; and
  • Digital World: companies that support the transition to a digital economy in a sustainable and socially inclusive way.

Only those companies which derive 80 percent or more of revenue from activities that align with one or more of these themes will be considered for the portfolio.

Foresight has developed a proprietary sustainability-led research methodology to identify investments that are more closely aligned with the objectives of the fund than would be possible when relying solely on traditional third-party ratings agencies.

Engagement will play a key role in the management of the fund’s assets. The investment manager will regularly monitor and engage with management teams and exercise voting rights in a way that aligns to the UN Sustainable Development Goals applicable to each relevant industry.

Foresight now offers a range of four actively managed open-ended funds investing in listed securities, including the FP Foresight UK Infrastructure Income Fund, FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund and FP Foresight Sustainable Real Estate Securities Fund.

Nick Scullion, partner at Foresight, said: “The fundamental structure of society and economies is changing rapidly in response to the need for sustainable development. The winning companies of the future are going to be the ones that recognise and fully participate in that change. This fund gives investors an access point to invest in companies that we believe will deliver the best financial outcomes and the most tangible, real-world impact for sustainable development. The FP Foresight Sustainable Future Themes Fund will meet the increasing demand from investors for truly sustainable solutions, and allow them to take advantage of opportunities in fast-growing sectors aligned with the selected UN Sustainable Development Goals.”


As of 11 March 2022, Foresight Capital Management’s AUM stands at £1.6 billion.


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