Investment community launches digital platform and first fine wine fund

News Team, 27/05/2022

London based investment community AssetTribe has launched a digital platform that gives investors access to a range of alternative assets.

Adding to this, AssetTribe also has launched its first fine wine fund.

To do this, AssetTribe partnered with wine investment firm Oeno Group, with the hope of improving the way investors access the fine wine investment market.

Access to alternative investments has traditionally been limited for non-institutional investors due to high fees and complexity.

Research from AssetTribe found half (53.3 percent) of those who invest in alternatives expect their demand for alternatives to increase in the coming year.

AssetTribe is a community of family offices, high net worth investors and deal sourcers, brought together by a platform to buy and sell alternative assets.

AssetTribe aims to offer private investors investments in alternative assets that can reduce portfolio risk through diversification and enhance returns.

AssetTribe founder and chief executive, Jeremy Davies, commented: “In a world where inflation is running at the highest rate in 40 years, where equity markets were until very recently at all time highs and bond yields not far off their lows, some investors are looking at real assets and to alternative investments as they seek potential future returns.”

Oeno Group’s chief executive, Micheal Doerr, added: “Working with AssetTribe on the launch of this investment is an exciting and innovative way of marrying the features of wine investment and e-commerce, reshaping the way investors enjoy the fine wine market and creating opportunities to diversify and add value to their portfolios."

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