Nutshell continues streak, named as top provider for January

News Team, 09/03/2022

User generated fund ratings and model portfolios platform SharingAlpha continued with Nutshell Asset Management as its top provider, with fellow boutique providers Lonvia continuing its position in second and Value Partners in third.

Nutshell is a London-based boutique that offers its clients high conviction global equity strategies, Paris-headquartered Lonvia Capital was launched by highly rated Cyrille Carriere in 2020 while Value Partners is a Hong Kong-based firm with around $11 billion in AUM.

The three best rated of SharingAlpha's recently highly rated funds were, in order, the Brown Advisory US Sustainable Growth Fund, the Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence, and the BGF World Technology Fund.

The Brown Advisory fund has an investment approach that seeks to identify durable businesses that possess a combination of fundamental strength, sustainable competitive advantages and compelling valuation. Among its top ten holdings are Microsoft, the UnitedHealth Group, Alphabet (parent company of Google), and payments provider Visa.

In the case of Allianz, the fund invests a minimum of 70 percent of assets in the shares of international companies that have at least some operations or relations in the area of "artificial intelligence" (intelligence exhibited by machines). Its investment objective is to attain long-term capital growth. This is also the only survivor of the previous report's top three, when it was again placed second.

BlackRock’s World Technology Fund invests globally at least 70 percent of its total assets in the shares of companies the main business of which is in the technology sector. It is considered high risk, but has a Morningstar analyst rating of silver.

That two of the three highly rated funds are technology based shows the continued dominance of the asset class even in a financial market rocked by turbulence such as concerns over spiralling interest rates and cost of living (this SharingAlpha report will not reflect the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine).

SharingAlpha is an investment platform where professionals in the asset management industry such as fund selectors choose products and providers, building up a reputation and a greater weighting for successful choices.

To record its ratings for its reports, SharingAlpha utilises three parameters on which the overall rating is determined:

People - the experience and competitive edge of the fund manager and their team

Price - the cost of the fund

Portfolio - the way the strategy is run in terms of risk management

The investment platform then calculates the average ratings assigned by its users to each fund, providing a score out of five. SharingAlpha only includes ratings from users that are identified as professional fund buyers. Consequently, the results do not include ratings coming from users that are, for example, non-financial industry members or fund providers.

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