Case Law Developments

  • Proportionality is essential when “informally freezing” assets
    on 12/12/2019

    A recent Royal Court of Jersey decision provides some comfort to those affected by draconian powers to block transactions indefinitely without a court order, says William Redgrave, a partner at law firm Baker & Partners

  • Supreme Court to decide whether wife can have maintenance award heard in England over Scotland
    News Team on 09/12/2019

    A husband will appeal to the Supreme Court today (9 December) for his wife’s claims for financial maintenance after their divorce to be heard in Scotland instead of England

  • Increasing number of cross border custody disputes means expert advice essential
    on 03/12/2019

    When the breakdown of a relationship crosses international borders, it increases the legal complexity and arguments at an already stressful time

  • Tax Titbits - November 2019
    on 02/12/2019

    Rawlinson & Hunter's Stephen Yates looks a some of the biggest UK tax developments of the past month

  • Hong Kong court upholds anti-Bartlett clause
    News Team on 26/11/2019

    The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal (CFA) has upheld that trustees are protected by anti-Bartlett clauses, meaning they have no overriding duty to supervise the management of an underlying company

  • When does the surrogacy relationship end?
    on 20/11/2019

    Reports recently that pop star Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field are planning to go to Hawaii with their family and surrogate who carried their one-year old daughter might have some scratching their heads about just how this complex surrogate relationship works – especially when many may assume this contact comes to an end once the baby is born

  • Celebrity divorces - Dividing riches and royalties
    News Team on 20/11/2019

    Singer Adele recently filed for divorce from her husband of three years. Adele’s divorce will take place in the US but if it had taken place in the UK, her ex-spouse may have argued for a share of up to 50 percent of her wealth, private client law firm Boodle Hatfield has noted

  • Are children assets in a divorce?
    on 18/11/2019

    As all parents well know, as much as children can bring much joy and happiness to families, they also come with financial costs such as nursery fees, school fees, day to day housing costs, university, weddings and help to buying first homes

  • Supreme Court rules in favour of child staying in UK
    News Team on 31/10/2019

    The Supreme Court has overturned decisions by the High Court and Court of Appeal to rule in favour of a mother looking to keep her child in the UK.

  • Regional roundup - Asia Pacific
    News Team on 28/10/2019

    A quick look at what’s been going on in Asia and the Pacific…

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